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cure pimple 14 days



Dear acne suffer,
Life’s a total bitch when you’re forced to walk around every single day with ugly, nasty bumps and acne scars on your skin, especially when there’s a natural acne cure…. and you have no idea how or where to find it.
But the great news for you today is that right now, we’re going to flat out hand you an all-natural acne curethat…
  • Gets rid of those tender red bumps
  • Gets rid of blackheads
  • Gets rid of whiteheads
  • Gets rid of pimples
  • Gets rid of zits

In fact,

Acne will leave you alone for good….
Hi, my name is Casey, and not too long ago, I too was right where you are right now……looking for answers. Answers on how to get rid of acne and those awful acne symptoms that never seem to go away, no matter what you do.
And I’ll take a wild guess that you’ve probably already tried everything that you can think of to eliminate your acne symptoms, only to experience little or even NO results.
  • The creams
  • The lotions
  • The masks
  • The over the counter medications
…and none of them work.
Well, there’s a perfectly good reason why they haven’t worked and that reason is that none of those solutions are designed to work to begin with.
You see, acne is a complex issue, and to be honest with you…

There are only 3 ways to clear acne: Unclog pores, kill bacteria, and minimize oil…
That’s it. Nothing else will work. This breakthrough natural acne cure guide, however, that I’ll give YOU exclusive access to today, shows you exactly how to get rid of acne…. in the privacy of your own home.
I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, in order to cure acne, you MUST first know and understand how did acne get there in the first place?
Unlike what you’ve probably been told in the past, here are a few things that DON’T cause acne:
Parents for decades have long scolded and warned their teenage kids to avoid eating greasy and fried foods, such as pizza and junk food like chocolate. But the truth is that none of these cause or contribute to the cause of acne.
  • Sweat does NOT cause acne
  • Poor hygiene does NOT cause acne
In fact, acne only occurs when sebaceous or your oil glands attached to your hair follicles are stimulated by elevated levels of hormones.
The truth is that virtually everyone at some point during their lifetime WILL get some form of acne, so…
You are not alone, and you are NOT UNCLEAN!
I know that acne can wreak havoc on your skin and make your social and love life virtually non existent.
But with this unique acne cure guide that has helped thousands of people just like you, you’ll finally overcome your symptoms of acne and…
  • Restore your skin back to the way it was before those unruly acne symptoms interrupted your life
  •  Blast away any evidence that you ever had acne
  •  Have silky-smooth skin that enhances your natural beauty
  •   Regain the confidence you once had before acne robbed you of it
  •  Look and feel sexy, healthy, and gorgeous again
Now I know that sounds great, but let me ask you something:
How many other acne treatments have you tried?
2 different treatments? 7 different treatments?
Well, don’t feel too bad. Most acne suffers try at least 4 – 8 different treatments before it dawns on them that what they’ve been doing is a complete waste of time because creams, ointments, and harsh chemicals won’t cure acne…

  • EVEN IF the doctor recommended it
  • EVEN IF you saw it on TV
  • EVEN IF you apply several layers of it at a time
  • EVEN IF you’ve been told that there’s no other way

But with the all-natural home remedy revealed inside this one-of-a-kind guide…
  • No longer will you have to avoid going out because you are embarrassed with how bad your skin looks
  •  No longer will you have to deal with the constant headache of trying to eliminate the acne on your face, shoulders, back, and chest
  •  No longer will your skin peel
  •   No longer will you sit at home depressed
You’ll totally change your life once you say yes to the….
14 Days Acne Cure
Acne Cure
The 14 Day Acne Cure does exactly what its name suggest: Cure your acne once and for all.
Unlike all the other acne products, guides, medications, and remedies on the market today, the 14 Day Acne Cure is the ONLY one of its kind that is specifically designed to totally eliminate any and ALL of your acne symptoms, quickly and easily.


  • Stops acne symptoms from forming on all parts of your skin
  • Stops you from feeling disgusted every time you see dark spots littered on your face, back, shoulders, and chest
  • Stops acne from reforming & rejuvenates your life with firmer, younger-looking skin…in just DAYS!

In fact,

Here’s how it works…
This breakthrough natural acne cure guide does what all the other treatments and medications that have failed you in the past DON’T do, which is provide you with an all-natural remedy that gets below the surface of your acne symptoms and aggressively attacks acne head-on and prevents your symptoms from reforming again.
It provides you with a remedy that…
  •  Cleanses & wipes out your acne symptoms internally and externally
  •   Eliminates the root causes of your acne symptoms
  •   Restores your skin to optimum health for a radiant look & feel from this day forward
But please don’t just take my word for it……
Here’s PROOF that the 14 Day Acne Cure really works….

Real Success Stories

“Acne Free …
I Haven’t Looked Back”

Acne CureHi Casey, I just want to say thank you for your ebook. Like you I was a long time sufferer of Acne.
I visited the doctors time after time, only to be given creams that never seem to work. I think overall in the last 8 years I’ve had about 6 months without taking medication.
That was until I found your website. Ever since I started to follow your tips and advice I haven’t looked back. Within 3 weeks of following your advice, I was Acne free and have been for about 5 months now.
I just want to say a huge thank you. Without your advice this would not have being possible.
Thank you for changing my life
Carmen Williams
Fresno, California

Real Success Stories

“Acne Free For 3 Months”

Hi Casey,
Thanks so much for your book. I’m glad I had the chance to download it. I admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but soon found that your methods worked wonders.
I have now been Acne  free for 3 months. There have been no signs of the symptoms reoccurring and I feel a lot more confident in myself.
I couldn’t have done it without you
Christina Holmes
Chesapeake, VA

Real Success Stories

“Finally Banished My Acne”

Casey, I just want to thank you firsthand for the information you have given me.
Using your systems I have finally managed to overcome my acne that I struggled with for the last 3 years. Before I had been prescribed cream after cream from my doctors. All that did was give short term relief and disappointment when the pimples just came back more and worse than it was before.
Then one night enough was enough so I set to work on the net to see what other remedies were out there. Your website must have been the third  I found as the other 2 were complete rubbish.
After using your tips and advice for a month my pimples and blackheads disappeared and has not been seen since. I hope it has gone to hell were it belongs.
Great book, Great method. Now I can get my life back on track.
In your debt
Mike Wellington
Hamilton, Ontario

Real Success Stories

“Finally Found The Cure”

Acne Cure I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to access this valuable information from you.
I think you are really doing a great thing here by selling your book so cheap.
I’m thankful I have finally found a cure instead of wasting my money on medicines from the drug store that simply have not worked for me.
God loves you
Sophia Leigh

Real Success Stories

Thanks For Your Tips And Advice

Acne CureHey Mr. Casey,
Just want to say thank you very much for your tips and advice. You actually saved my life bro. My face was always covered with blemishes and red marks. But now they are all gone.
All I can say is that you are doing a wonderful job helping people to get rid of their acne because you sure did helped me.
Steven Williams

Real Success Stories

“I Could Not Believe It!”

I could not believe it. When I first came to your website and saw the title “cure your acne in 14 days” I said this was another scam. I don’t know why but I continue reading all of your website. I realize that I had similar problems and decided to give your program a try.
Within one week I saw a total difference in my skin and after after applying your tips for two weeks my acne was gone. The only problem I had was a few marks that remained but I am not still using your method for reducing acne scars and it is working.
Thanks man. The best $40 I ever spent.
Dane Henry
West Palm Beach, Fl

Real Success Stories

“My Face Is Already Cleared Up”

Hi Casey,
I have been using all the tips you outlined in your book and it is been very helpful and I am grateful. Before your tips I met with some doctors and they gave me some advice with some drugs which I followed but with no avail. Since I found your website about a month now I have downloaded your book and been following your tips and my face is already cleared up.
Thanks again you are a heaven sent.
Coretta Palmer

Real Success Stories

“I Can Finally Go Out With My Friends”

Acne CureI am the type of person who love to go out and party. However since my first year of college acne has taken over my life. I have tried the Pr***t**ve with no success. That was when a friend told me about your website. I followed your advice to the T. and within 2 weeks I could see a major difference in my appearance.
Now I have the confidence to go out with my friends and not be ashamed because there is nothing to be ashamed of anymore.
Now I know those testimonials sounds great, but what’s even greater is that….
You pay absolutely NOTHING unless the 14 Days Acne Cure works for you…

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right. I’m so sure that the 14 Day Acne Cure will clear away any and all of your acne symptoms that I’m going to take all of the risk away from you and place it on myself by protecting you for 60 days.
What this means is that you’ll have an entire 2 months to see if the14 Day Acne Cure totally eliminates your acne symptoms.
If for some odd reason that it doesn’t work for you: No problem, I’ll refund 100% of your money.
I know that sounds more than fair, but if you’re like most people, I’m sure that right about now, you’re probably wondering to yourself, how much will the 14 Day Natural Acne Cure cost?
Well, today is your lucky day because…
Right now you can knock acne out of your life for good for….
  • NOT $127.00 like so many other ineffective products, medications, and remedies cost
  • NOT $97.00
  • NOT $67.00
  • NOT even $47.00

But for ONLY $34.97!

But HOLD ON, there’s more!
Just for trying the 14 Day Natural Acne Cure, today I’ll also include these…..

5 FREE bonuses Worth Over $200.00!

Acne CureHow To Win The War Against Acne ($47 Value)

Dealing with acne can be a challenge to say the least, but there’s only one way to win the war on acne, which is by equipping yourself with the knowledge that you need to erase acne from your life once and for all.
This guide empowers you with all the ins and outs and little known secrets to help blast acne out of your life, quickly and easily.
  - A $47 value, yours today for FREE!

The Complete Handbook Of Nature’s Cures ($39.95 Value)
Acne Cure
Since the beginning of time, ancient and even current civilizations have relied upon nature to cure conditions and diseases that modern medicine can’t.
With this unique guide that you’ll be handed today, you’ll discover the power of nature’s cures to heal conditions and diseases for you and your family, the natural way.
Value: $39.95 yours FREE

Lessons From The Miracle Doctors ($19.95 Value
Acne Cure
Whether you’re a believer in miracles or not, this life-changing guide will knock you off of your feet with miracle solutions to viruses, bacteria, and everything else in between that pops into your life without warning.

With this breakthrough guide, you’ll finally an answer right at your finger tips, if you ever need it.
Value: $19.95 yours FREE

Body Detox Made Easy ($47 Value)
Acne Cure

There’s no secret that in today’s society, we all eat things that we shouldn’t at times…and we pay for it in our health, our appearance, and our energy levels.
This amazing guide takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins that leaves you sluggish and overweight.
With this, you’ll be clean from the inside-out!
–A $47 value, yours for FREE!

Anti-Ageing  And Skincare Made Easy ($47 Value)
Acne Cure
Scientists and humans for centuries have searched high and low for the fountain of youth.

If you’re one of those people who wants to know how to slow the aging process and have flawless-looking skin, then this one-of-a-kind guide will empower you with the knowledge and ability to do exactly that.

You’ll look younger and feel like you’re in your prime again.
                       -A $47 value, yours for absolutely FREE!

But Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now

The first thing you need to do is click the order button below, after that, you will be taken to a 2-minute order process through our hacker-safe, secure server (so there is never any worry about your information being stolen).
It’s just that simple to get the freedom from acne that you deserve. Don’t delay, order right now!
PS: It’s really up to you – all you really have to lose is those nasty acne symptoms that are tunneling through your skin at this very moment!
PPS: I offer a 100% money back guarantee so that you can have peace of mind knowing that I stand behind the 14-Day Acne Cure because I KNOW that it WILL WORK FOR YOU.
Don’t wait and continue to suffer any longer. Order the 14-Day Acne Cure Today for only $34.97…and receive the 5 absolutely FREE bonuses to go with it!
PPPS: If you’ve ever wanted to wipe acne out of your life for good, your once in a lifetime chance is NOW:
Don’t blow it!
Acne Cure

Acne Cure

Disclaimer: This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This product is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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With respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this course. The information contained in this course is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this course, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.
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Cara Install Linux Debian 6.0 Squeeze

debian 6.0 squeezeYups, Debian 6.0 aka “Squeeze” telah resmi dirilis pada 6 Februari 2011.
Berbeda dengan Distro Linux yang lain. Distro yang mempunyai banyak turunan ini sangat mengutamakan kestabilan. Tak heran jika jarak rilisnya mempunyai rentang waktu yang sangat lama. Namun, sebagai Open Source Lover’s :) , hal ini tidak menjadi masalah.
Nah, kali ini kami akan mencoba menjelaskan langkah-langkah instalasi Linux Debian 6.0 ini.
Sebelum kita memulai langkah instalasi, persiapkan terlebih dahulu :
  1. Master Linux Debian 6.0 yang bisa anda download di sini.
  2. DVD Repository (jika nantinya Anda ingin menginstal aplikasi pelengkap secara offline)
  3. Semangat, waktu dan dilengkapi dengan secangkir kopi berserta makanan kecil untuk menemani Anda pada proses penginstalan :D
  • Burning image ISO Debian 6.0 tadi pada sekeping DVD. Anda juga dapat me-restore image ISO Debian 6.0 tadi pada USB flashdisk / hardisk external jika ingin menginstal tanpa menggunakan DVD ROM/Drive. Insya Allah langkah-langkah instalnya melalui USB flashdisk / hardisk external akan kami ulas pada artikel berikutnya. :D
  • Setting BIOS agar dapat booting melalui DVD ROM / USB flashdisk.
  • Booting melalui DVD Debian 6.0 / USB flashdisk.
  • Pada screen Installer Boot Menu pilih Advance Options, tekan Enter.
Installer Boot Menu
  • Pilih Alternative Desktop Environment. Pada Desktop Environment Menu pilih KDE (Anda juga dapat memilih LXDE atau Xfce sesuai selera).
  • Pada screen KDE Boot Menu pilih Graphical Install untuk melakukan instalasi dalam mode grafis / GUI.
  • Saran saya pada opsi Select Language ini, kita pilih saja English agar lebih mudah dalam pengaturan. Hitung-hitung sekalian mengasah kemampuan bahasa Inggris kita lah. :D
Language Select
  • Berikutnya, karena kita akan memilih Indonesia sebagai domisili kita, maka pada jendela Select your location pilih other, kemudian pilih Asia lalu pilih Indonesia.
  • Kemudian pada Configure Locales pilih United States en_us.UTF-8.
  • Untuk Configure Keyboard pilih American English.
  • Tunggu beberapa saat hingga proses Load Installer Component dari DVD selesai.
Load Installer Component
  • Pada Configure the Network untuk Hostname biarkan sesuai defaultnya (debian). Untuk Domain name dikosongkan saja.
  • Set up users and password untuk root password isikan password Anda dan ulangi lagi pada Re-enter password to verify.
  • Untuk full name for the new user bisa Anda isikan sesuai nama lengkap anda. Disarankan tidak memakai tanda spasi untuk memisahkan nama depan dan nama belakang. Dan pada Username for your account isikan saja nama depan Anda agar lebih mudah diingat. :D
  • Choose a password for the new user isikan password Anda tapi jangan sampai sama dengan password root, karena sebagai User nantinya kita juga bisa melakukan manajemen sistem tanpa harus Login sebagai root sehingga relatif lebih aman.
  • Configure the Clock pilih Jakarta sebagai Time Zone. Atau bisa juga kota lain sesuai domisili Anda.
  • Berikutnya merupakan langkah Partisi hardisk Anda, simak dengan baik agar tidak terjadi kesalahan yg fatal. :D
  • Jika Anda menginstall Debian 6.0 ini sebagai OS tunggal pada komputer Anda, lebih baik Anda pilih Guided – use entire disk pada Partition methode.
  • Bagi Anda yg menginginkan multiboot OS (banyak OS dalam 1 komputer) pilih Manual saja.
  • Sebagai contoh disini kami mempunyai ruang hardisk sebesar 8,6 GB yg nantinya akan kita bagi yaitu 8GB untuk root (/) dan sisanya sebagai SWAP area. Maka yg harus dilakukan adalah :
  • Klik pada FREE SPACE dan Continue.
Free Space
  • Pilih Create a New Partition untuk memulai proses partisi hardisk.
  • Kali ini karena ruang hardisk yang kami punyai 8,6 GB maka untuk New partition size kami isi 8 GB.
  • Pada Type for the new partition pilih Primary. Pada Location partition pilih Beginning.
  • Berikutnya ubah Bootable flag menjadi OnDone setting up the partition > Continue.
    Done Setting Up Partition
  • Untuk men-setting Swap pada sisa partisi hardisk, klik pada FREE SPACE.
  • Create a new partition > Size biarkan saja sesuai dengan yg tertera. Type for new partition pilih Logical.
Tips : Swap biasanya ditentukan sebesar 2x jumlah RAM yg anda pakai.
Contoh : RAM yang saya gunakan sebesar 1 GB (1024 MB). Maka partisi Swap yg harus saya buat sebesar 2GB (2048 MB).
Jika Anda mempunyai RAM lebih dari 2 GB, maka Swap cukup dialokasikan sebesar 2 GB saja.
  • Untuk Use as : pilih Swap Area. Bootable flag : off dan Done setting up the partition.
  • Nah, kini partisi Anda sudah siap, klik Finish partitioning and write changes to disk. Klik Yes pada Write the changes to disk?.
  • Waktunya menunggu proses instalasi base system dari Debian 6.0. Monggo, diminum dulu kopinya. :D
Installing Base System
  • Configure the packet manager > Scan another CD or DVD ? pilih Yes Jika Anda mempunyai paket repositorynya dan Klik No jika tidak.
  • Use a network mirror ? ini merupakan pilihan mutlak bagi Anda yg tidak mempunyai paket repository. :D Klik Yes. Catatan : Anda harus sudah terhubung dengan Internet untuk mendapatkan paket repository ini.
  • Pada Debian archive mirror pilih Indonesia, untuk FTP mirrornya silahkan pilih yang Anda sukai kali ini kami memilih server sebagai source list-nya.
  • FTP MirrorPada Software Selection Anda dapat memilih aplikasi pelengkap yang Anda inginkan. Saran kami, karena nantinya Debian 6.0 ini hanya digunakan sebagai Desktop OS saja dan bukan sebagai server. Maka centang Graphical Desktop EnvironmentLaptop dan Standard system Utilities saja untuk memperlengkap aplikasinya.
  • Monggo dimakan cemilannya. :D Kita tunggu sampai proses install paket tersebut selesai.
  • Sip, proses instalasi aplikasi sudah selesai. Saatnya mengkonfigurasi GRUB.
Installing GRUB
  • Pilih Yes, bagi Anda yang menggunakan Debian 6.0 sebagai OS tunggal.
  • Tunggu sejenak dan Jreng 3x…. Installation Complete. :D
Finish the Installation
  • Restart untuk mulai mengoperasikan.
  • Pada Welcome Screen silahkan login sesuai username Anda dan password Anda.
  • Inilah desktop Debian 6.0 + KDE Anda !!! :D
Desktop Debian KDE
  • Tampak polos sekali ya…. :( . Hmmmm perlu dikasih kosmetik dikit nih, biar cool…. :D
  • Sebagai contoh bisa Anda lihat desktop milik kami saat ini :D
Debian 6.0 + KDE Modif
Debian 6.0 Desktop Application